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These tiles are made so that they can be rotated around a centre to form a larger pattern. Some are simply diagonal designs that stand alone in their own right as a tile while others only look sensible if they are placed as a complete set of four as is shown by the designs to the left and right.
There were also some 9 tile designs which used 3 stamps to make the pattern and also 16 tile designs which utilised four stamps to make the entire pattern. 
We currently have a 9 tile design and are hoping to produce a sixteen tile design.
FL CA 01
FL CA 02
FL CA 03
FL GP 01
FL SC 02
FL SC 03
FL SH 01
FL SH 02
FL UK 02

FL UK 09
FL UK 11
FL WC 01
FL WC 06
FL WC 07
FL WC 09
FL WC 16