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We are producing medieval mosaics. They come in various shapes and sizes that show the remarkable skill of the medieval tradesmen. We are producing some of the easier designs in similar sizes to the originals with the intention of combining the various different tiles to produce a unique floor for you. Below are some images incorporating encaustic tiles, line impressed tiles and the Bawsey relief tiles.

The large tiles shown in mosaic design 1 are approximately 98mm sq and the small tiles are approximately 39 mm square.
The image above shows the use of mosaic tiles with the Bawsey relief tiles.
In this picture mosaic 1 is shown with encaustic tiles.
In this picture mosaic 1 is shown with line impressed tiles.

You could of course order any combination of tiles to achieve the maximum interest whilst creating that very special floor that you won't find anywhere else in the world!

You could choose to have the floor in mosaics but with any of the smaller tiles incorporated with as many or as few as you like. 
The image above shows the use of mosaic tiles with the Bawsey relief tiles.
 In this picture mosaic 2 is shown with line impressed tiles.
In this picture mosaic 2 is shown with encaustic tiles.

Once again you can mix and match your choice of tiles to make your floor as interesting as you want, with line impressed, Bawsey relief and encaustic tiles all being interchangable.
The larger tiles featured are the 4" size tiles page and are approximately 98mm square. 
The black mosaics in this instance are approximately 30mm wide.
This design is based on tiles at Bylands Abbey in Yorkshire and should be of a similar scale.
The hexagons are approx. 70mm across.
The triangles sides are approximately 74 mm long.
The rectangles are approximately 75mm x38mm.
We could produce any combination of colours to suit your requirements.
Email us to discuss options and prices.